Test window

The test window for NAPLAN Online is nine days, compared to three days for paper-based NAPLAN. This extended test window allows schools more flexibility in scheduling and accommodates schools that have fewer devices than students. See the full test timetable or download the NAPLAN Online test window infographic (PDF 1.1 mb).

Students who are absent when their class participates in the tests can sit catch-up tests later in the test window.

If schools have questions when planning a test schedule specific to their needs, they should contact the relevant state/territory test administration authority.

Schools are able to use the expanded, flexible test window to schedule tests in a manner that best suits their needs. See below the parameters that must be followed.

Years 3 and 5 online test sequence

  1. writing (paper for Year 3 only)
  2. reading
  3. conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  4. numeracy.
  • Year 5 students must complete the writing test within the first two days of the test window.
  • Each student must complete the reading test before they sit the conventions of language test.

Years 7 and 9 online test sequence

  1. reading (day 1 or after writing)
  2. writing (day 2)
  3. conventions of language
  4. numeracy.
  • For Years 7 and 9, the online writing test must commence on day 2 of the test window and be completed by the end of day 3. A school can schedule the reading test for day 1 and, if necessary, recommence reading after the writing test has concluded.
  • Conventions of language can also be completed on day 1, after reading, if convenient.
  • Each student must complete the reading test before they sit the conventions of language test.

Technical requirements

To help schools understand the requirements for devices and assess how many students can sit NAPLAN Online tests simultaneously, there is information available on the minimum technical requirements.

The online assessment platform has a capacity planning tool to help schools plan resources such as devices needed and bandwidth allocation in rooms.

Frequently asked questions

For further information about NAPLAN Online, please visit the NAPLAN Online ‘Frequently asked questions’ page.