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The public demonstration tests show the types of questions students will answer and the functionalities that are available in NAPLAN tests. Read more about the tools and navigation in Understanding online assessment

To ensure the demonstration tests function and display as intended, check that your browser and device meet the minimum technical requirements.

Students can do the standard tests or they can do a test with accessible alternative items:

  • The visual alternative tests include some items with simplified images (numeracy and reading).
  • The tests with audio alternative items have text-based items instead of audio dictation items (conventions of language).
  • The colour theme tests have different coloured fonts and backgrounds (all domains).

It is recommended that students, their parents/carers and schools discuss the best way for students with disability to access NAPLAN. Visit Accessibility to learn more. 

While these demonstration tests are not tailored tests, example branching messages are included for familiarisation. Branching messages (PDF 458 KB) advise students whether they may go back to previous testlets to change their answers, or not. 

To try the demonstration tests, use the buttons below to choose a year level and then a NAPLAN domain: writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) or numeracy. Please note that answers are not provided. As all Year 3 students complete the writing test on paper, there is no Year 3 writing demonstration test.

For all online tests, once ‘finish’ is selected or time has run out, the student’s responses will be submitted and will no longer be able to be viewed. 

What’s new in the demonstration tests?

There is now a narrative task and a persuasive task for students to practise. Only one of these tasks will be tested each year, and this will be revealed on the day of the assessment.

Students will now start the conventions of language test with the spelling items and finish with the grammar and punctuation items. 

There are now different narrator voices for the audio items. Some students may benefit from listening to the voice change from one item to another. They can do so by listening to the numeracy items or the audio dictation items in the conventions of language tests. 


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