Science literacy

The first NAP sample assessment for science literacy (NAP–SL) took place in 2003. Successive assessments have been conducted every three years since then. Between 2003 and 2015 the assessments were conducted with samples of Year 6 students only. In 2018, the assessment program was broadened to include Year 10 students.

Until 2015, the NAP–SL assessment was administered to students as a pen-and-paper test. In 2015, however, the assessment transitioned to an online environment and is now administered on the same platform used to deliver the annual NAPLAN tests.

In 2015, the assessment framework was revised to act as a bridge between past and future NAP–SL cycles. It incorporated the existing assessment domain and progress map so that the underlying construct of the NAP–SL assessment could be maintained, while providing an overview of the connections to the Australian Curriculum and the online assessment model. In preparation for the NAP–SL 2018 cycle, the assessment framework was revised and updated to accommodate the new Year 10 NAP–SL assessment.

To prepare for the NAP–SL online assessment in 2018, questions were developed and subjected to a rigorous review process. In June 2018 a field trial involving approximately 60 schools was conducted in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. In October 2018 the NAP–SL main study was conducted in all states and territories in Australia.

You can find the NAP Science Literacy public and technical reports at National reports. The 2018 NAP Science Literacy reports were published in February 2020.