Catch-ups and rescheduling test sessions

Catch-up sessions

Catch-up sessions are for individual students who are absent when their class participates in tests and are to be completed within the Test window

Schools should try to schedule catch-up tests in the prescribed test sequence.

Catch-up tests for writing should be held as soon as possible within the test window.

Rescheduling test sessions

Rescheduling occurs when students or classes cannot start or complete a test due to technical disruptions.

Rescheduled tests must occur as soon as possible within the test window. Schools should refer to the NAPLAN national protocols for test administration and contact their Test administration authority for any questions about rescheduling.

Please also be aware:

  • Rescheduled writing tests take precedence over scheduled or catch-up testing for other domains. 

  • If writing tests must be rescheduled after day 1 (Year 3) or day 2 (Years 5, 7 and 9), the school must notify the test administration authority as soon as possible. 

  • The writing test takes priority over any rescheduled tests from day 1.