Technical requirements

Technical readiness

Schools must have suitable hardware and reliable access to the internet in order to conduct assessments. Visit the Assessment Platform website for up-to-date information about technical requirements and devices for NAPLAN.

To ensure test security and to prevent student access to the internet and spell-check applications during NAPLAN, a locked down browser will be installed to each student's device by schools prior to the tests.

It is not necessary to use a locked down browser to interact with the public demonstration tests. These tests have been developed to familiarise students with the type of items and related functionalities used for NAPLAN. However, the demonstration tests may not function as intended if your device or browser does not meet the minimum technical requirements.

Students who are allocated specific disability adjustment codes, authorised by the test administration authority, may be exempt from using a locked down browser during the NAPLAN assessment. 

Bring your own device

Schools with BYOD laptops or tablets for NAPLAN need to manage these devices to ensure that the assessments run smoothly. Schools and parents/carers should also consider the accessibility of the device and its compatibility with assistance technology used by students with disability.