Test integrity

ACARA works with expert state and territory representatives and non-government representatives to ensure the NAPLAN tests are delivered appropriately and in robust and rigorous assessment settings. Every confidence is held that schools will adhere to the NAPLAN national protocols for test administration, which include a code of conduct, and administer tests with professional integrity and common sense. Generally, reports of improper conduct are very small in the context of all the students and schools participating in NAPLAN across the country.

However, any allegation of a situation or incident that breaches or is suspected of breaching the national protocols is taken seriously and investigated. ACARA has worked closely with a range of stakeholders across the country to develop a set of nationally consistent guidelines for the fair and equitable investigation and reporting of alleged test incidents.

The Guidelines for managing test incidents in schools 2022 (PDF 288 kb) is available to support school principals investigate test incidents, including allegations of cheating.