NAP sample assessments – participation

No. Only small sample groups of students in Years 6 and 10 participate in these sample assessments, which are held on a rolling 3-yearly basis.

To maximise participation in the NAP sample assessments, adjustments are made available to students with additional needs who have been selected to participate, so that their ability to access the test is not restricted.

Adjustments can be made to assist students with disability. Under certain conditions, adjustments may also be made to assist students with poor English proficiency. Typically, this will apply to students with a language background other than English who have been in Australia for a limited time.

Schools will be provided with timely advice of what adjustments may be made for individual students participating in the test. Guidelines state that schools must cater for students requiring reasonable and appropriate adjustments.

If a student is not present the day of the sample assessment, they should be marked absent.

School release materials are made available following each sample assessment. The information and assessment materials in these documents have been designed to assist teachers to administer their own assessment and gauge their own students’ proficiency in the relevant subject (i.e. science literacy, ICT literacy, and civics and citizenship).