National reports

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The National Assessment Program provides data and information that are used by schools, governments and education authorities to inform decisions about the education of young Australians.

These data are available in national reports for NAPLAN and NAP sample assessments.


The NAPLAN National Report includes results at each year level and domain by state/territory and nationally, by gender, Indigenous status, language background other than English status, parental occupation, parental education, and remoteness.

ACARA works with states and territories to analyse this unique data set – allowing us to see how students have progressed in the important areas of literacy and numeracy across the years of schooling.

NAPLAN 2022 National Report

In 2022 the NAPLAN National Report is presented in two formats – a PDF and an interactive online report.

The PDF has been reduced in content from previous years to provide a summary of results only. The entire national report is available online with interactive tables that allow users to conduct a variety of analyses.

View the interactive report.

NAPLAN national reports

NAPLAN technical reports

NAPLAN writing results

The NAPLAN writing prompt can be either persuasive or narrative. In 2016, a NAPLAN writing scale was created which was comparable for both genres. The results can be compared and trends analysed in NAPLAN writing data from 2011 onwards (but not for results before then).


NAP sample assessments

NAP sample public reports provide a national comparison of student performance against the relevant framework. A technical report is also released, which provides detailed information about the conduct of the NAP sample subject so that valid interpretations of the relevant results can be made, and future NAP sample assessment cycles can be undertaken, and linked with, appropriate information from past NAP sample assessments.

See the NAP sample assessment reports:

Public report

Technical report

Science literacy


2018 NAP SL public report (PDF 5.81 MB)
2015 NAP SL public report (PDF 3.4 MB) 
2012 NAP SL public report (PDF 3.23 MB) 
2009 NAP SL public report (PDF 5.62 MB) 
2006 NAP SL public report (PDF 6.61 MB) 
2003 NAP SL public report (PDF 7.31 MB) 

2018 NAP SL technical report (PDF 3.3 MB) 
2015 NAP SL technical report (PDF 4 MB)
2012 NAP SL technical report (PDF 2.67 MB)
2009 NAP SL technical report (PDF 9.80 MB)
2006 NAP SL technical report (PDF 1.98 MB)
2003 NAP SL technical report (PDF 1.23 MB)

Civics and citizenship


2019 NAP CC public report (PDF 12.1 MB) 
2016 NAP CC public report (PDF 4.2 MB)
2013 NAP CC public report (PDF 3.98 MB) 
2010 NAP CC public report (PDF 2.71 MB)
2007 NAP CC public report (PDF 2.76 MB)
2004 NAP CC public report (PDF 4.82 MB)

2019 NAP CC technical report (PDF 2.96 MB) 
2016 NAP CC technical report (PDF 1 MB) 
2013 NAP CC technical report (PDF 4.57 MB)
2010 NAP CC technical report (PDF 3.21 MB) 
2007 NAP CC technical report (PDF 1.36 MB) 
2004 NAP CC technical report (PDF 1.52 MB) 

Information and
communication technology literacy


2017 NAP ICTL public report (PDF 4.3 MB)
2014 NAP ICTL public report (PDF 9.23 MB)
2011 NAP ICTL public report (PDF 6.16 MB)
2008 NAP ICTL public report (PDF 1.18 MB)
2005 NAP ICTL public report (PDF 1.78 MB) 

2017 NAP ICTL technical report (PDF 3.3 MB)
2014 NAP ICTL technical report (PDF 1.7 MB)
2011 NAP ICTL technical report (PDF 1.54 MB) 
2008 NAP ICTL technical report (PDF 1.76 MB)
2005 NAP ICTL technical report (PDF 919 KB)