ACARA’s expertise

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for the development and management of the National Assessment Program (NAP). ACARA draws on both internal expertise and experts across Australia, all highly regarded in their relevant professional fields, to deliver a high quality and robust assessment program.

Development and management of the NAP

ACARA oversees all aspects of the NAP including:

  • test item development for NAPLAN and NAP sample assessments

  • ensuring appropriate accessibility of NAPLAN tests, such as provision of disability access versions and special print versions

  • central analysis of NAPLAN data

  • the ‘item trial’ tests

  • research and provision of evidence-based recommendations on improvements to the NAP.

ACARA convenes an advisory panel made up of 5 assessment and educational measurement experts who provide expert technical advice. The group is a formal advisory panel within the ACARA governance structure.

Administration of the NAP

ACARA works with a wide range of partners to oversee the delivery of the NAP. 

Test administration authorities (TAAs) are the government departments or agencies responsible for the implementation and administration of the NAPLAN tests in their state or territory. ACARA staff work with the TAA in each state and territory to ensure the administration of NAPLAN is nationally consistent. ACARA provides the following advice to ensure consistency in test administration:

These guidelines provide a national framework, which is supplemented by support material and advice that TAAs provide to schools.