The tests

Only selected groups of students in Years 6 and 10 (Year 6 only for science literacy) participate in NAP sample assessments, which are held on a rolling three-yearly basis. Sample assessments began in 2003 with science literacy, followed by civics and citizenship in 2004 and ICT literacy in 2005, so these assessments occur in different years. Participating schools are chosen carefully to ensure that the samples are sufficiently large to provide an accurate picture of the performance of students in each state and territory.

School release materials

School release materials are available to schools following each sample assessment. The information and assessment materials in these documents have been designed to assist teachers to administer their own assessment and gauge their own students’ proficiency in the relevant area. By replicating components of the Year 6 and Year 10 sample assessments, teachers may be able to judge their students’ proficiency in relation to the proficiency levels for each domain. It is anticipated that teachers will be able to reflect on this information to enhance teaching and monitoring programs in Australian schools.

Science literacy

Civic and citizenship

ICT literacy